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Make the upgrade to FlexForms 2.0, including CCBill Pay.

October was a milestone month for CCBill. We were ready to burst, waiting to release the latest and best version of FlexForms 2.0 so far. This new version, not only ends our beta period, but has added some new brand customization tools, more affiliate tracking, and the early release of our new, exclusive CCBill Pay, the new ’log in and pay’ service. Merchants who have switched to FlexForms now have a way to allow billions of buyers worldwide to save their credit card at checkout to use again later on any site using CCBill FlexForms.   

The new FlexForms not only works in global delivery from multiple continents, but also includes new easy-to-use customization functionality, graphical promotional and performance tools, plus expanded affiliate tracking across multiple providers.

Change is hard – we know – but moving to FlexForms is worth a few minutes to learn the new system. Seriously.

Why? One big change is that now you can literally have one hyperlink on your site, which will access a world of customization, workflows and all payment types offered by CCBill.  Once that link is on your site, webmasters don’t need to touch their HTML to add or update payment types, revise form layouts, set up cross-sales or dynamic pricing or even add new top, side and promo banners to their payment form. Update the admin settings and the form is automatically updated.

It is also bigger and bolder in its reach to shoppers than ever before. FlexForms 2.0 has improved affiliate tracking and cascading for CCBill merchants, and shows all payment options, including SEPA and Bank Transfers - plus multi-continent speed kickers to help CCBill merchants instantly take care of more buyers. And all this new stuff, and the other updates are actually driving increased submissions and conversion numbers on FlexForms, higher than our basic forms system.

But the truly interesting change is specifically designed for your shopper or subscriber. Only available on FlexForms, CCBill Pay gives online merchants the opportunity to sell to the multiple device world, where buyers can use their securely stored payment information in their CCBill Pay account to pay for all their orders, from any device, without the need to drag out their credit card or payment account information again.  CCBill Pay is designed to jumpstart the checkout process allowing CCBill merchants to realize faster sales and empower quick, multiple purchases from a single login. Not to mention, CCBill Pay users will be able to manage their purchases via the brand-new CCBill Pay Admin.

New sales, instant expansion, a whole new level of automation - and quick purchases from any device would seem to be worth an upgrade to 2.0.

Not to be dramatic, but frankly, if you are not on FlexForms, you are really missing out on the fun.


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Much more than a payment processor, CCBill is a payment services platform which provides expert support and empowerment to your expanding relationships. Whether it's through consistent on-time payouts, distinctive affiliate tools, or the comprehensive and proprietary set of automation tools, CCBill understands online business like few others, and has been offering industry-leading solutions since 1998.


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