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CCBill Unwrapped: World News

CCBill Unwrapped - World News
The world is shrinking. 
We hear that so many times, but it is true today for the online international world more than it has ever been. With trade deals across continents opening markets, currency expansion and unification, fully mobile consumers, and social media frenzy reaching all corners of the globe – the rules of online commerce globally have changed. But how do you meet the challenge of the changing international consumer markets? Should you?
The opportunities worldwide are there for the taking for a number of reasons: users are more savvy and comfortable with online purchases; technology levels have increased globally allowing more access to content and online buying; and economies (in most countries) are doing better now – meaning more spending ability.
At CCBill, we believe there are some key factors to consider before making a decision about going global:
  • FULL SERVICE FROM ANY SCREEN TYPE - Ensure you can provide content, membership management, and take payments via mobile browsers. In adult, it is not just about keeping up with technology. In many countries, adult content is frowned upon, if not out-and-out illegal, and many users will access ONLY from THEIR mobile device for privacy and discretion. CCBill’s responsive, dynamic payment forms in FlexForms provide a seamless checkout from any device. If you are not using responsive forms, 29.85% of buyers are not seeing your payment form correctly.
  • WORK GLOBALLY, SERVE LOCALLY -  Providing a familiar process during checkout, with local languages, currencies and regional pricing is a must. Every country and its users buy differently, so providing a recognizable checkout can be the difference between a sale and a bounce. CCBill’s FlexForms auto-sense location, browser language, currencies, plus available payment types, providing the buyer with what they trust. Plus CCBill’s Regional Pricing can automatically offer a market-friendly price to the buyer, improving your margins per sale.
  • YOU ARE NOT ALONE - Regions, countries, cultures all have their own waves of political, financial and buyer changes. Keeping up with multiple localities and the various legal changes, regulatory changes, payment types per region, payment restrictions, and content restrictions – even the differences in Visa on different continents can require a staff to manage. Partner with resources and providers that manage these things for you. CCBill allows you to instantly offer multiple languages,currencies and payment types to a global audience to immediately expand your global reach with minimal work. Are your payment forms and your account setup to handle the global audience?
  • MAKE A CHOICE - In contrast to what was just stated, not every site is a good fit for a global audience, given all the differences. Work with your partners and analyze your prime audience – and decide whether a broad stroke of reaching out to the world will actually be effective. Or perhaps choose to do the opposite and focus on specific countries or locales in which you know your content has a buying audience. It is not always the best move to be everything to everyone. CCBill’s FlexStats can help you analyze your data in real-time and visually see who and how
  • PREPAID CARDS: BONANZA OR BUST? When working internationally, prepaid cards are different from reloadable cards since unlike reloadable cards, they are legally limited to acceptance only in the country of purchase. And although we see growing use of prepaid cards by members seeking more anonymity, there are some reasons why the limited cash amounts on a prepaid card may not be the best option for retention on subscription sites. CCBill provides a way to block or allow these cards by country in our Web Validate/Cards by Country feature. You select what kind of card you want to accept (credit, debit, prepaid, reloadable) and we will allow or deny that card option based on your direction.

Much more than a payment processor, CCBill is a Payments-as-a-Service platform designed to grow with you and instantly expand when you need it - without added cost or loads of extra work. Doing is more than doing, it is planning and preparation - and harnessing the right resources, like CCBill, to help to manage your growth when it happens.  

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Gary Jackson

About the Author

Gary Jackson

Gary brings nearly two decades of experience in the online media and commerce markets to the industry, having built from scratch four successful sales organizations for several software and ISP start-ups. Since joining CCBill in 2006, he has been a champion for CCBill’s business expansion for merchants and partners of CCBill, as indicated by the launch of a number of pioneering software innovations and traffic tools, including FlexForms, Merchant Connect, Integration Partners and the industry’s first stored payment service, CCBill Pay. Additionally, he led CCBill’s diversification into mainstream, dating and tangible markets, for which CCBill has been recognized with the iDate Award for Best Payment System for three years running. Currently leading the CCBill team as Vice President of Sales and Marketing, Gary has been honored in the online adult industry with the 2012 XBIZ Award for Executive Leadership, the Cybersocket Business Person of the Year in 2011 and 2018, the Cybersocket Wall of Fame Award of Excellence in 2017, and this past year, was honored with the 2018 XBIZ Executive Award for Senior Leadership. Since 2014, he has been involved with ASACP as an Advisory Council member and most recently on the Executive Committee. In his personal time, Gary can be found spending his time working with several non-profit organizations in the Phoenix area.


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