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Luck favors the prepared.

Everyone wants to succeed. Arguably, no one ventures into new business expecting failure. We plan, strategize, analyze, track, and often just rely on our business instincts to create our vision for our website or product. And when we implement that plan, many businesses make the mistake of choosing what they see as the right partner for the moment (or for the price) - but overlook how that partner will adapt if and when success materializes.

It's a balance between growing and being ready for that growth. Not being prepared for that achievement when it happens can often be worse than not achieving that success to begin with.

Preparing for growth can be as simple as making sure your service provider is ready to scale with your success, anywhere and in any direction.

CCBill has a progressive package of options designed to provide smooth expansion and scalability for any business:

• EASY AUTOMATION - CCBill's signature subscription services come out of the box with complete automation and membership management tools which can scale to any volume of transactions -; from most anywhere in the world. With automated receipts, automated notifications, and automated cross sales, CCBill's system can handle any surge in sales with no negative impact to your business.

• ADVANCED AUTOMATION - For websites and online business with multiple software solutions (which is most of them) or even multiple managers of the site, payment automation and notification becomes a vital part of operations. With compete APIs, and CCBill's WebHooks instant push notifications, CCBill supports two-way communications with most online systems. Plus, our event notifications can automatically notify shipping companies to start shipping, accounting teams to track data, or affiliate systems to pay partners.

• A|B TESTING - Automated payment flows in our FlexForms system opens up the opportunity to automate and test different forms, different payment types, different offers, - even different billers from within one system and payment flow. Serve, track and get REAL data on the success of your payment flow automatically.

• METRICS, METRICS, METRICS - CCBill's FlexStats system has graphical data and analytics to show trends, track regions and even predict where your upcoming rebills will be coming from - all in almost instant real-time interactive reports.

• INTERNATIONAL AUTOMATION - CCBill's global billing options such as multi-language, multi-currencies, and localized payment types are designed to automatically present the right option for that international buyer. Plus with Web Validate and CardsByCountry, your business can instantly adapt to global changes in processing, without reinventing your website payments flow.

• ANY DEVICE, KNOWN OR UNKNOWN - CCBill has designed its responsive payment forms in all systems to automatically respond and fit to any web browser size, making the payment forms and confirmations accessible and adaptable to any screen - mobile, desktop, tablet, TV - automatically presenting the right choice for the right device.

• STRESS-FREE DIVERSIFICATION - CCBill's Merchant Connect network provides waiting access to other merchants offering their services and products - all one-click away for your buyers. It becomes a smooth and elegant way to promote new sales opportunities - without the expense and time of building it yourself.

Much more than a payment processor, CCBill is a Payments-as-a-Service platform designed to grow with you and instantly expand when you need it - without added cost or loads of extra work. Doing is more than doing, it is planning and preparation - and harnessing the right resources, like CCBill, to help to manage your growth when it happens.

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Much more than a payment processor, CCBill is a payment services platform which provides expert support and empowerment to your expanding relationships. Whether it's through consistent on-time payouts, distinctive affiliate tools, or the comprehensive and proprietary set of automation tools, CCBill understands online business like few others, and has been offering industry-leading solutions since 1998.


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