CCBill Unwrapped: Pushy Pushy

CCBill Unwrapped - Pushy Pushy
How many times a day do you find yourself searching for something? The pen in your bag, an app in your app store? E-mails in your Outlook? It seems that we spend most of our lives looking for things we need.
The same goes for our businesses. Most of us prefer to be in-the-know, rather than chasing information –  or worse yet, being surprised by ‘delayed’ information.
It is no secret we all use the search function to find files on our computers or search our mailboxes to find communications we cannot seem to locate. The worst aspect of all of this 'chasing', is remembering where to start looking in the first place. It all takes time, and it all takes focus.

That's one reason we've seen such a surge in push notifications and automation to put information right in front of us and that information can then remind us of what we had hoped to find or something that we need to do. The same can be said for your business. Having the right info and the right data instantly sent to you and delivered in real-time can make the difference between a sale or no sale. 

Dealing with the same info-chasing challenges as our merchants, CCBill has developed a number of automated tools and features that can systematize and instantly notify you of changes in your consumers, new affiliate sales, customer cancellations, and virtually any financial transaction in your system:
  •  WEBHOOKS: Are your providers scalable to handle the added volume that comes with the unplanned surge of users? Is your support staff ready to answer phones and address emails and offer live chat responses on weekends, holidays and off-hours? If not, the failure to handle additional volume could result in lost sales or chargebacks. CCBill fully staffs consumer and merchant support 24/7 including all holidays to ensure that your buyers are taken care of – even while you are out counting down to the New Year or catching up on your sleep.
  • AUTOMATED E-MAIL NOTIFICATIONS: Give the gift of special promotions and special pricing discounts to your existing member subscriptions with our Direct Discount features or our API function Discount API. Include a special offer in an email and give them a discount for referring customers.  
  • POST BACKS: Offer visual promos instantly at specific times with FlexForms’ instant promo function. 
  • CUSTOM E-MAIL NOTIFICATIONS FOR ALMOST ANYTHING: Instantly customize your payment forms for a smooth branded experience or for special promotion images on-the-fly and instantly publish them before your buyers lose interest and go elsewhere. Are you ready for the surge in support needs, customer service, or access help?
Why do you want to use these? Instant, push, real-time notifications provide you immediate information on your business activity, and bottom line on what's going on with your customers. Because without your customers, you have nothing. And let’s face it chasing anything or anyone is not how we want to spend our time. 
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Gary Jackson

About the Author

Gary Jackson

Gary brings nearly two decades of experience in the online media and commerce markets to the adult industry, having built from scratch four successful sales organizations for a number of software and ISP start-ups. Since joining CCBill in 2006, he has been a champion for expanding business opportunities for the industry, as indicated by CCBill’s diversification into dating and tangible markets, as well as expanding the CCBill billing automation platform to adapt to changing consumer buying habits. Currently leading the CCBill team as managing VP of sales, Gary has been honored in online adult industry with the 2011 Cybersocket Business Person of the Year, the 2012 XBIZ Executive Leadership Award – Web, and was instrumental in helping CCBill be recognized in 2014 by XBIZ as the Progressive Web Company of the Year. A Seattle native, his past lives include managing the Academy Awards in 1996 at the L.A. Music Center, as well as performing on Broadway as a professional actor/singer.


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